Linda used to be one of the cooks back when I was in High School. If she sends me a recipe, I know it’s a good one! This looks absolutely delicious. Don’t hesitate to try this just because I don’t have a picture yet. If you try it before I do, please send me one so I can post it!


Saute 1 onion and 2 stalks celery until tender.

2 T. brown sugar
3 T. lemon juice
1 T. soy sauce
½ t. garlic salt
1 can pineapple tidbits or use a can of sliced and make tidbits plus the juice
1 8 oz.. can tomato sauce (not spaghetti sauce)
2 c. gluten, (choplets, vege-steaks, wham, beef, homemade gluten, whatever)

Optional: 1 ½ T. cornstarch mixed in 2 T. water add to mixture and bring to a boil. Do this if the mixture is too runny. If it is not soupy enough add additional pineapple juice.

Serve over brown rice.

Brown Rice
1 c. brown rice
2 c. water
½ t. salt

Place in 350 ºoven for one hour. Comes out perfect every time. Meal is low in calorie and high in nutrition.

–Submitted by Linda Sturm

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