The recipe I’m submitting makes a lot, so plan to make this for an entire family for lunch. If there are only a few in the family, halve the recipe. The tofu is scrumptious and you’ll probably be tempted to eat more than you should!

Vegan BLT’s

1 lb. firm or extra firm *tofu, drained and pressed to squeeze the extra water out
2-3 Tbsp. nutritional yeast flakes
4 Tbsp. Bragg’s liquid aminos
2 t. liquid smoke

Bread slices
Tomato slices

Cut tofu into slabs and fry on medium heat until crispy and browned on both sides. Be patient as this might take about 15-20 minutes. While waiting for the tofu to crisp up, mix the Bragg’s with the liquid smoke in a bowl. When the tofu slices are done, put on low heat and spoon the Bragg’s mixture over one side of all the tofu (You may have some left over…the more you use, the stronger the flavor); then sprinkle the yeast all over. Turn the tofu and repeat on the other side. The tofu should be sticky and covered with the yeast.

Toast bread slices and spread with Vegenaise. Add prepared tofu slices, lettuce, and tomato. Delicious!!

*Note: I like to freeze my tofu first, then thaw, drain and press. It gives the tofu more of a chewier texture and is wonderful. My kids love to eat this right out of the pan and we never have leftovers. Also, if you like a less saltier or smokier flavor, just use less liquid smoke, especially if eating it as is. When making a BLT, it’s actually the saltiness and smoky flavor that makes it taste great when added to the mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.

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