When I was growing up, my family was not vegetarian, so there were certain dishes I missed. Hash was one of them. Though I was used to the corned beef version, I’ve come up with one just as tasty and it has a sausage flavor. When I lived in NY, our grocier carried GimmeLean, a vegetarian meat in a tube. I fried it up in some oil and added it to my potatoes and it was delicious! My recipe does not take an entire tube, so I suggest you fry it all up and freeze it in baggies for later use. Also it is suggested that you boil your potatoes a day in advance as they chop up nicely when they’re cold.

“Sausage” Hash

6-8 potatoes, depending on size
1/2 tube *GimmeLean, fried in oil
Mrs. Dash onion or garlic flavor
Garlic salt to taste

Boil or steam potatoes just until cooked. You don’t want them mushy. Chill. (It is preferable to cook your potatoes a day in advance).

Using a pastry cutter, cut up cooled potatoes quite small and stir in browned “sausage.” In a skillet with oil, add potato/”sausage” mixture, cooking until potatoes are browned and crispy. Add seasonings to taste.

*GimmeLean is found in the health section after the produce in larger grocery stores. It is a bit wet but as you cook it, it firms and crisps up. Just be patient and keep chopping it in the pan. If you don’t like a real strong sausage flavor, start by adding 1/3 of it and increasing to your liking. Also, this makes a larger amount for a family of 4-5. If there are only two of you, halve the recipe.

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