Vegetarians sometimes need to get a little creative when it comes to sandwich fillings. Need some ideas? Here are some that we enjoy…

*Veggie chicken salad on croissants OR on raisin bread, grilled
*Sub sandwich fixings on whole wheat rolls, drizzled with Italian dressing
*Cream cheese and olive OR cream cheese and pineapple finger sandwiches
*Sloppy Joes on wheat rolls
*Egg salad and shredded lettuce stuffed in a pita
*BLT’s made with Morning Star Farms breakfast strips–toast the bread first
*Meatless meatball subs
*Grilled cheese and tomato
*Veggie tuna salad on pumpernickel
*Fried egg and ketchup sandwiches (some people love them!)
*Pizza buns (or English muffin pizzas)
*Chili dogs (or sauerkraut)
*Oatburgers with mayo, lettuce, avocado, alfalfa sprouts and tomato
*Cold Meatless meatloaf sandwiches
*Garden tomatoes, sliced with mayo on white or wheat
*Sliced garden cucumbers with Ranch dressing in ciabatta bread
*Eggplant parmesan sub–place fried eggplant on sub roll, spoon on sauce then shredded mozzarella and bake open faced in oven
*Cottage cheese and thinly sliced onion on bread
*Vegetarian chicken with lettuce and honey mustard
*Wrap with seasoned tofu and veggies
*Mushroom subs–saute mushrooms in butter; remove and add diced dill pickle; serve on bun with light mayo
*Peanut or almond butter with green grapes (sliced in halves) on whole wheat
*Grilled onions, green and red peppers and seasoned tofu cubes stuffed in a pita–season with salt and pepper or Mrs. Dash garlic–drizzle with Ranch
*Bulls Eyes (a griller topped with 2 slices cooked breakfast strips, swiss cheese and BBQ sauce)

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