These are so simple that I debated on whether or not to post them. I decided to because most people forget about collards when thinking of a side dish. I think they’re wonderful for many reasons. They cook up quick and easy, are tender and flavorful, and are loaded with Calcium. What’s not to love?

Simple Collard Greens

Bunch of *collard greens, cut
4-5 cloves **garlic, cut into pieces
Baco bits (opt.)
Light Olive oil OR butter

Wash and cut collards into bite-sized pieces. Place collards, garlic, and baco bits in either a steamer basket or large skillet with water and a tight fitting lid. Steam until tender. Serve with butter and salt. If you are avoiding dairy, drizzle with some light Olive oil or substitute with a healthy vegan margarine, such as Earth Balance Light.

*Note: Choose collards that are bright, perky and have smaller leaves. They will be more tender than collards with larger, thicker leaves (unless you like a more robust flavor, though it will take you longer to cook them too). Don’t purchase them if they have spots, yellowed edges, or seem wilted.

**Don’t mince your garlic. If they’re tiny cloves, leave them whole and if they’re large, cut into a few pieces. They will be mild and delicious because they are steamed. Frying garlic in oil (or butter) will often make them bitter and that’s why I often steam my garlic.

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