Mike and I LOVE a good reuben sandwich! Maybe it’s from our meat-eating days, but we never lost the taste for that melted cheese, creamy dressing, and tangy sauerkraut combination. You can find the Worthington meatless corned beef slices at many health food stores. The Worthington web site also has lists of retailers that sell it in most areas. This sandwich goes great with my Broccoli Cream Soup.

Restaurant-style Reuben
Rye bread sandwich slices (may use other bread if desired)
Worthington vegetarian corned beef slices
Swiss cheese OR American cheese (You can also use soy cheese)
Thousand Island dressing
1 small can or bag of sauerkraut

Spread desired amount of Thousand Island dressing on two slices of bread. In order, layer slice of cheese, corned beef slice, then small amount of sauerkraut. Close sandwich and butter the outer sides of both slices of bread. Grill in pan on medium heat until golden brown on both sides. Make sure your flame is not too high as you want the inside of your sandwich to heat thoroughly. If the flame is too high, the outside bread will be toasted and the inside will still be cool.

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