Only a select few will be interested in this “recipe” (if you can call it that). It is for the raw-ists looking for a quick and easy breakfast. When I was very sick some years back, a friend very much into healthful eating nursed me back to health. This is one of her simple recipes that stuck with me. It is live food full of enzymes and I think it is refreshingly tasty!

Fruit Pulse

1 apple, cored and seeded
1 naval orange, peeled
5-6 dates

Slice your apple in quarters, keeping the skin on (organic is best). Put in blender. After peeling your orange, divide into sections and add with the apple. Add your pitted dates to the fruit and pulse lightly until fruit is coarsely cut. You want to have very, very small chunks of fruit without it looking like applesauce (then you’ve blended too much).

You will be surprised at how filling this is and the quick energy you will receive.

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