There aren’t too many who don’t love fried rice. Try our version and see if you like it. I “guestimated” on all of the measurements as I usually take a handful of this and a handful of that (my Italian upbringing I imagine). I usually serve this with a side of egg rolls or stir-fried broccoli with teriyaki sauce.

Fried Rice

4-6 cups *cooked rice, preferably cold
1 small carrot, diced small (or about 6-8 baby carrots, depending on size)
approx. 4 raw broccoli florets, cut very small
2 scallions with tops, chopped
handful of frozen peas (opt.)
1/4 c. sliced water chestnuts (opt.)
garlic salt to taste
Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (unfermented soy sauce) to taste
2-3 Tbsp. Oil (I use a mixture of sesame and vegetable)

Heat oil in a large skillet and add your chopped carrots, broccoli, and scallions. Cook a few minutes, then add your rice, peas, and water chestnuts; stir to mix the vegetables throughout. Season with garlic salt and Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. My husband sometimes likes to whisk up a scrambled egg in with the rice, so that is optional depending on your preferences.

*Note: I love my rice cooker! I add 2 c. dry basmati rice to 3 c. water, press the button and wait 20 minutes. I prefer working with cold rice when I throw this dish together, but sometimes I’m not that prepared. Hot rice still works, but you just have to work a bit harder to separate the rice in the pan. Feel free to experiment with different vegetables.

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