Here is a recipe sent in by Rajiv Narula, which is modified from the 1st Moosewood Cookbook (by Molly Katzen). It is very flexible with regard to ingredients and amounts.

Cauliflower Potato Carrot Cheese Chunk Soup

cauliflower (or cabbage or broccoli)
carrots (key ingredient for color and sweetness)
potatoes (key ingredient for heartiness and thickness)
onion or leeks (can be left out but healthy)
salt, pepper
sharp cheddar cheese (or your choice)
optional: plain yogurt

Chop first 4 ingredients into pieces you can fit into a grinder or food processor. Put in big pot and add water to about cover ingredients but modify according to your chosen thickness for the soup. Cook on stove till soft blend or grind (its kind of nice to have some small chunks in it). Return to pot on low heat and add lots of dill, salt and pepper to taste (tamari optional). May add water to adjust thickness of soup. Stir regularly and keep covered but be careful as bubbling can send hot thick soup flying. Add grated cheese (I like a lot but amount is up to you).

Optional : add plain yogurt, or offer as topping when serving

Very filling and wonderful on a cold or rainy evening. If adding yogurt, soup doesn’t store as well (needs vigorous stirring before reheating). Good served with fresh bread. Can be a complete meal, especially if served with bread.

–Submitted by Rajiv Narula

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